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  1. Keto Diet: What's All The Hype?

    What You Need to Know About Keto Ketogenic or keto diet has gained traction in recent years, widely talked about by celebrities and touted on social media as a remedy for various health ailments. In a nutshell, the keto diet is a diet that is high in healthy fats, moderate in protein and extremely low in carbohydrates. As a general rule, the macronutrient breakdown is typically around 75, 20, and 5 percent of our daily calories, respectively. What are the health benefits? By restricting carbohydrates, your body enters ketosis — a process in the body that burns fat for energy instead of glucose. When our bodies enter a ketogenic state, it means that we have created an ideal fat-burning situation. What is the Keto Flu? However, because of its restrictive nature, many may find the keto diet hard to stick to. People have reported feeling unwell after starting a keto diet, a phenomenon known as the “keto flu”. It is common for people starting the diet to experience symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and brain fog. These symptoms can range from mild to severe and vary from person to person. The duration of keto-flu could range from 2 – 4 weeks and tends to wear off as one adapts to the low carb intake and keto diet’s continual benefits. Beginners’ Guide to the Keto Diet - Xndo Keto Shake Yes, the keto diet helps achieve healthy weight but it has to be followed by the adoption of ketosis-achieving eating habits and we have exactly what you need to get started! Xndo’s New Keto Shake is specially formulated with an ideal macronutrient ratio of 75% fat, 17% protein and 8% carb to satisfy your sweet cravings while supporting your low-carb and ketogenic lifestyle. Plus, it contains all the good sources of healthy fats that a keto diet requires — coconut oil, grass-fed butter and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). Now you can shake up your day with Xndo Keto Shake for a satisfying, rich and chocolatey taste!
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  2. 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carb Intake

    Watch what you drink Sugary drinks are high in carbs and sugar. Even seemingly healthy drinks like fruit juices contain as much, if not more sugar than a can of soft drink - both contain around 20-26 grams of sugar per cup. A good rule, according to WHO, is to consume no more than 25 grams of added sugar (about six teaspoons) a day. Tip: Sip on XCarb instead —  a refreshing raspberry grape drink that helps block carb and reduce carb ingestion. Go for Complex Carbohydrates Not all carbohydrates are created equal. Go for brown rice instead of white rice, and whole wheat bread instead of white so you get the proper nutrition you need and crowd out the extra calories and sugar that are found in simple carbohydrates. The key is choosing the right carbs — not avoiding them completely. Tip: Or if you could use a little back-up, take Platinum2 to block carb and sugar absorption so you can still pig out on your favourite foods. Load up on healthy fats Stay satiated by filling up on healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, seeds and oils (such as coconut, olive and walnut oils). Choose fats that not only add flavour but give you stable energy for the day ahead. Tip: Take Coconut Oil Extract, which comes in a yummy, conveniently-packed powder to prolong satiety (and burn fats at the same time)! Pack on the Protein Opt for protein-rich foods such as eggs, beans, tofu and chicken which keep you full between meals so you’re less likely to snack. These foods also help boost metabolism and maintain healthy blood sugar levels after eating so you can avoid slipping into a post lunch "food coma". Tip: Pair it with Xndo Zero Rice or Noodles for a healthy, wholesome meal that doesn't break through your daily calorie limit. Mind your condiments You might not realise it, but your favourite condiments like ketchup have a fair amount of carbs thanks to their sugar content. A tablespoon of ketchup has around 4 grams (around 1 tablespoon) of sugar and how many of us actually stop at just one serving size? Ditch the ketchup and go for healthier alternatives such as mustard and flavoured vinegar because every calorie adds up!
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  3. Are Probiotics beneficial to your immunity?

    Do you know? 70-80% of our immune system resides within the gut.  Microbes in the lower intestinal tract help digest food and combat against harmful bacteria. When the gut becomes unbalanced with unhealthy levels of bacteria, probiotics can help to restore the balance. Probiotics have been shown to secrete protective substances to reinforce the barrier function of the intestinal lining, hence lowering the chance of harmful substance in the intestines entering into the bloodstream. To maintain a strong digestive and immune system, you should take probiotic foods or supplements to ensure a healthy balance of “good bacteria” to keep harmful bacteria away. Support your immunity with Probiotics 13 Strains with enzymes!
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  5. Sizzle up your fat burning

    Spice up your life According to some health experts, the consumption of red chilli peppers may help in burning calories. Adding a daily dose of spice to your diet can help to lose extra calories and boost metabolism. Tip: For those who can’t take the heat, Metaburn™ increases thermogenesis (the body’s production of heat) to boost metabolism and burn fats. Include healthy, good fats in your diet Eating fats may sound scary, but consuming the right kind of fats such as avocados, nuts, olive oil and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) can actually ramp up your metabolism instead. Tip: Take Xndo Coconut Oil Extract powder – a tasty and fuss-free way to include MCT in your diet to aid burn fats and calories. Consume more frequent, mini meals Smaller, more frequent meals in your daily eating patterns can keep your metabolism going at a constant and more efficient rate, and prevent you from going hungry and overeating.  Tip: No need to feel guilty! Take Xfat™ along with larger meal portions, or when you indulge in feasts and buffets. Jumpstart your metabolism with breakfast Your metabolism dips while you sleep and kick starts again with intake of food. Hence, skipping breakfast is considered bad for fat burning and weight loss as it causes your metabolism to slow down.  Tip: Perk up your mornings with a flavourful and aromatic cup of Xndo coffee infused with fat-burning MCT! Keep your alcohol on lockdown It’s best to skip alcohol. With just a single serving of alcohol, you are gaining an extra 100-200 calories! Also, as drinking alcohol may cause one to eat and snack more, at the end of dinner with drinks, you will most likely consume way more calories than you normally would without alcohol.  Laughter is the best medicine On your mark, get set, LAUGH! Genuine laughter may have the ability to give your metabolism a small boost. One study showed that laughing for 10 to 15 minutes daily can help burn about 40 calories – which is equivalent to losing up to 1.8kg over the course of a year.
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