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  1. Steak and Fried Low-carb Rice with Asparagus

    INGREDIENTS Your favourite cut of steak Butter Garlic, chopped Xndo Low-Carb Rice Asparagus, chopped Dark soya sauce Salt & Pepper DIRECTIONS Remove the fat trimmings from the steak and chop up the fat into chunks Place fat in a pan and render the oil on low heat Drain the oil from the pan and save the crispy bits, set aside Season the steak to taste with salt and pepper and baste it with some of the rendered beef fat Using a hot pan, sear the steak and lower the heat to cook it t preferred doneness Finish the steak with by adding some butter to the pan Remove steak and allow to rest Heat up the same pan, drippings and all, and sauté the garlic. Add Xndo Low-Carb Rice, asparagus and toss well. Add the rest of the crispy fat to the mix. Season to taste with salt, pepper and dark soya sauce. Garnish with spring onion if you prefer Serve hot with the steak
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  2. Refreshing High-Protein Popsicles

    INGREDIENTS 1 pouch Xndo protein shake, any flavour 250ml to 300ml water Popsicle moulds DIRECTIONS Mix Xndo protein shake in water till well dissolved Pour shake into popsicle moulds (or make your own with paper cups and ice cream sticks) Freeze till set (at least 3 hours) Recipe contributed by Xndo ambassador Sharmilah Begum
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    After my first pregnancy in 2008, my weight increased and never dropped. In October 2015 I was 92kg and desperate to lose weight and be healthier. After starting Xndo’s total health programme, I lost 4kg in the first month. As of March 2016 I’m down to 79kg. More importantly, my visceral fat has dropped, my metabolic rate has increased, and energetic enough to do light exercise.  More than weight loss, I’ve gained health and beaten obesity to reduce my risks of the three H’s - high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.
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