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Health Hub

  1. A sweet treat – without the sugar

    A sweet treat – without the sugar We can’t help it – sometimes nothing will do on a hot day but a cold sweet drink. But if you’ve cut sugar from your diet, there are not a lot of options out there for a sugar-free beverage – unless you reach for one of the fruity drinks, teas and coffees in the Food for Health by Xndo range. They are among some of the healthiest completely sugar-free drinks there around – what’s more, they are developed to be loaded with additional benefits. The Grape and Mango flavoured Carb Blocker drinks for example, contain potent extracts of white kidney bean and inulin that work together to limit the absorption of sugar and improve feelings of satiety. They also contain absolutely no sugar – compared with many other laden beverages in the market. So this festive season, reach for the carb-blocker drinks for a sip that also combats weight gain. Fizzy carb-blocker punch INGREDIENTS 1 sachet Grape and Mango carb-blocker drink ½ cup soda water (adjust amount to your personal preference) Frozen mango cubes or halved grapes (as a garnish and an alternative to ice cubes) DIRECTIONS Dissolve the sachet of carb-blocker drink in soda water. Pour into a glass with the frozen fruit. Enjoy! Fruit-tea refresher INGREDIENTS 1 sachet Rosehip Hibiscus or Pineapple Passion fruit tea drink ½ cup soda water (adjust amount to your personal preference) Lemon, orange, strawberry and pineapple slices (or any fruit of your choice) DIRECTIONS Dissolve the sachet of fruit tea in room temperature water. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze till well set. Pour soda water into a glass and top with fruit tea ice cubes for a subtle flavour boost.
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  2. Gut Health

    Tame the bloat Most people suffer an occasional episode of indigestion- be it due to a personal predisposition, stress or overeating. In many cases, over-the-counter antacids or prescription pills can readily ease symptoms. However, Food for Health by Xndo believes in a more long-term solution. You see, a healthy digestive system is the foundation for total wellness – and this is built from the inside out. Your inner ‘army’ Within your intestines is a billion-strong army of friendly bacteria that play a role in building up the immune system, obtaining nutrients from food, regulating hormones, producing vitamins and eliminating toxins. In fact, 70 percent of the body’s immune system reside inside your gut!  A diet high in bad fat, sugary and processed foods can cause tan imbalance in the gut and trigger not just tummy problems, constipation and bloating, but auto-immune disease, skin problems, allergies, headaches, fatigue and joint pain. Eat ‘live’ foods – feed your gut This is why we believe that eating well includes feeding your gut with food that is alive with good bacteria that can repopulate your inner colony. Enzymes and probiotics found in naturally fermented foods (such as yoghurt, miso and raw vinegar) heal the gut and keep it – and you – in the pink of health. But we don’t often get enough enzymes in our daily diet. To ensure that enough enzymes are available in the right concentration so they reach your gut, Food for Health by Xndo developed a range of highly-concentrated and potent Digestive Health tonics, teas and tablets that improve digestion and sustains gut balance. Choose from enzyme tonics, apple cider vinegars, cleansing teas and even handy supplements. These work together keep your system in tip-top shape, while also playing a role in preventing constipation, eliminating waste and burning body fat.
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  3. MCT-Loaded Smoothie

    MCT-LOADED SMOOTHIE How do you take your good fat? For some, ensuring a good dose of MCT each day involves a rather oily swallow of coconut oil. While coconut oil is a good source of MCT, only about 60% of it contains actual MCT (less, actually if you want to get technical, because most of it is in the form of lauric acid, a ‘faux MCT’.  Not everyone can – or is willing to – load up on coconut oil each day, so we at Food for Health by Xndo have launched a much handier form of 100% MCT powder. Ready to eat, handy to carry around and most importantly much more potent! Plus, they come with a host of additional benefits such as prebiotics and dietary fibre. These sachets can be simply added to drinks or food – or even consumed directly! Here’re a few ways to MCT-boost your day. This ultra-rich smoothie will serve as a power breakfast or quick lunch to fuel your day   Ingredients: 1 sachet Xndo Protein Shake 1 sachet Xndo 100% MCT powder 1 small banana ¼ cup Greek yoghurt (optional) ½ cup water or milk (adjust amount to your personal preference)   Directions: Blend all the ingredients together till smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy!  
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    I have been overweight since my teenage years. I tried every diet method I could but all failed, and eventually I gave up. Then I was introduced to Xndo by my aunt who lost weight through the Xndo Weight Management Program. I went on the program for two months and started to lose weight after the first week. I've now lost a total of 10kg without starving* and all while still eating my favourite food. I would like to express my thanks to Xndo for assisting me in gaining back my confidence and achieving my goal. Not only have I lost weight, my skin is glowing and also I feel younger.* ~ Chia Shih Chieh, Wendy
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