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Health Hub

  1. Balance from within

    Balance from within pH is more than measure used in science class – it’s also an indicator of health. If you recall from chemistry class, pH is a scale to measure acidity (0) and alkalinity (+14). Your body has a pH scale too. Ideally, it is slightly alkaline at pH 7.36. However, not all of us are in balance. Stress, smoking, and a diet high in sugar, processed fast foods can are acidic and strain the body’s normal functions.
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  2. Collagen: The Anti-Ageing Protein

    Collagen: the anti-ageing protein You’ve heard about it, seen it sold in stores and even eaten it in one form or another. But what is collagen and what does it have to do with anti-ageing? Collagen is simply a type of protein found in organs and tissues. Its role is as a scaffold that provides firmness and elasticity to tendons, skin and cartilage. As we age, collagen levels dip. Collagen can also be damaged by sun exposure, smoking and environmental pollutants. A diet high in carbohydrates and sugar can also damage collagen. Sugar molecules attach to collagen proteins and cause them to become stiff, impairing their function. While you cannot stop the aging process, you can improve the appearance of your skin by boosting its collagen levels. Clinical studies have shown that 8 to 12 weeks of daily collagen supplementation results in improvements to wrinkles and skin texture. In the long term, increasing collagen not only continues to fight ageing, but has the secondary benefit of supporting overall joint, tissue health as well as gut health.
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  3. Fibre for Health

    Fibre for health Fibre is more than nature’s scrubbing brush, it is also a sponge and bulking agent. Including adequate amounts of fibre into your diet keeps your digestive system and bowel movements in good working condition. Fibre comes in two forms: insoluble fibre and soluble fibre. Soluble fibre cannot be digested and passes through the digestive tract without being broken down. This ‘roughage’ aids the passage of waste through your gut. Soluble fibre absorbs many times its own weight in water, forming a sticky gel that lines the stomach and slows down digestion – and is thus helpful in regulating appetite. Soluble fibre also regulates insulin and has a beneficial impact on cholesterol. Fibre has another important role: feeding the bacteria that live in the gut. These colonies not only aide in digestion but play an important role in immunity. As a rule, aim for 20g to 30g of dietary fibre a day – and remember to drink plenty of water when increasing your fibre intake. If you are already including the meal solutions formulated by Xndo Food for Health, you’re already getting a healthful dose of fibre.
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    A thrombosis patient on Warfarin with bad blood circulation, Jenny Lee knew she needed to reduce her weight. She wanted to stay healthy for her two children, and be with them as they grew. Jenny discovered Xndo while shopping at Causeway Point and read a store advertisement about losing weight through eating. She became curious and met professional advisor Rose Kho who explained in detail how the my4 Simple Steps system worked, and how she could lose weight in a healthy way. Jenny started the Xndo program weighing 60 kg. Without ever feeling hungry or doing vigorous exercise, she lost 6kg in the first month. "What I like about Xndo is they are using food to make you to lose weight,” she said. “They also do not just base everything on body weight. They monitor the metabolic rate, BMI, and body fat as well as make sure all factors are taken care of with the weight loss.” I brought along Xndo Platinum2™ and X-Fat™ or Xndo Carb Blocker drink whenever I met up with friends for a meal to block and reduce the calories and carbohydrates. Jenny said she no longer felt she had to cover her tummy or hide behind anyone when pictures were taken. “Now I can put my hands on my waist gracefully.”.* Once again thanks to Xndo and my Weight Advisor, Yvonne. I will recommend Xndo to my friends who want to lose weight and gain health. ~ Jenny Lee
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