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  1. "I lost 17kg in eight months without starving!"

    Before starting the program, I was 72kg. I have tried many methods of dieting, such as starvation or just intake of fruits or vegetables, but due to my passion in eating, I always gave up my dieting plan in just 2 weeks. Due to uncontrolled food intake and lack of exercising, my weight kept increasing since 2015.   Around May 2018, my mum introduced me to Xndo. Since then, eating is no longer a problem for me as Xndo taught me the right way of eating. I started the Xndo Lifestyle Package for 8 months, where I replaced one of my meals with Xndo’s ready-to-eat meal; replaced another meal with a protein MCT shake; and for the meal where I am taking outside food, I took the carb blocker, fat burner drink and Metaburn.   I have never expected the whole process to be so easy with the convenient meal replacements and drinks. Xndo products help me to adapt to the whole dieting process well by satisfying my hunger and curbing my cravings for snacks. There was no need for me to starve throughout the entire 8 months I was on Xndo’s Lifestyle Package.   From 72kg, I managed to lose a total weight of 17kg in a span of 8 months’ time, which was a total surprise to me.   My adviser, Irene from Xndo Waterway Point, prepared a personalized meal plan for me, and taught me the right way to eat and enjoy my food, without feeling hungry. She will make weekly appointments with me so as to measure my body composition and review my meal plan accordingly. Currently, I am still taking Xndo supplements and Probiotics for maintenance. I will definitely continue my effort in maintaining my weight. Really appreciate Xndo for making my wish of losing weight come true! Thank you! ~ Grace Phua
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