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Health Hub

  1. Symptoms of poor digestive health

    What causes indigestion? Overeating Greasy or spicy foods Too much caffeine, alcohol or carbonated beverages Anxiety Digestive problems How to prevent indigestion? 1) Eat smaller, more frequent meals Chew your food slowly and thoroughly to prevent overeating. 2) Avoid foods that trigger indigestion Minimise consumption of greasy or spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol and carbonated beverages. 3) Manage your stress levels Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing or yoga to destress. 4) Detox regularly with Xndo Probiotics 13 Strains with Enzymes Cleanse your digestive system to clear your body of toxins to improve overall health. Xndo Probiotics 13 Strains with Enzymes helps to relieve bloating, replenish good intestinal flora and support regular bowel movements. 13 strains of probiotics Rich in beneficial enzymes Patented fermentation process Click here to purchase now!
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  2. Sugar Is Addictive

    Sugar is addictive and affect our brains like a drug. And just like drugs, the longer we eat sugar, the more we have to eat to get the same level of pleasure.  A study by Australian scientists found that sugar controls the brain's pleasure centres in a way similar to drugs like cocaine and morphine. Cutting out sugar also creates powerful withdrawal symptoms. “Like other drugs of abuse, withdrawal from chronic sucrose exposure can result in an imbalance in dopamine levels, and be as difficult as going ‘cold turkey’,” Queensland University of Technology (QUT) PhD researcher, Masroor Shariff said. Results Challenge Previous Beliefs The results of the study fly in the face of years of denial that sugar is addictive though they are no surprise to a growing number of increasingly vocal online communities, like I Quit Sugar's Sarah Wilson who has documented her battle with sugar addiction and how she beat it. “Excess sugar consumption has been proven to contribute directly to weight gain. It has also been shown to repeatedly elevate dopamine levels which control the brain's reward and pleasure centres in a way that is similar to many drugs of abuse including tobacco, cocaine and morphine," said QUT Neuroscientist, Prof Selena Bartlett. “After long-term consumption, this leads to a reduction in dopamine levels [which] leads to higher consumption of sugar to get the same level of reward. “We have also found that high sugar consumption and binge eating into adulthood may also [have] neurological and psychiatric consequences affecting mood and motivation." In other words, eating sugar probably contributes to feelings of depression and lethargy. Sugar is Killing Us The study published in international research journal PLOS ONE, acknowledged sugar as one of the main causes of the worldwide obesity pandemic which has produced alarming levels of diabetes 2, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. Its findings support a growing animosity toward sugar within the scientific and nutrition communities. QUT NEWS: Treating Sugar Addiction Like Drug Abuse
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