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  1. GSS Storewide Promotion!

    The Great Singapore Sale is back! Storewide Buy 2 FREE 2^ + receive a FREE* Xcarb 10s (worth $32.95)! Conditions apply. ^Exclude meals. Mix allowed within series. *Valid with a minimum spend of $388 nett. Choice of Xcarb 10s (Mango / Grape). BUY 3 FREE 4 (Mix allowed within same series) A complete range of apple cider vinegars to alkalise body pH, aid in weight loss and boost immunity.  USUAL $30.95 EACH BUY 2 FREE 2 Xndo Morning Goodness Multigrain Drink provides an excellent source of fibre and nutrients, and is a healthy, high-fibre way to kickstart the day or tackle a mid day snack attack.  USUAL $9.95 EACH BUY 2 FREE 2 Xndo Coconut Oil Extract Powder is a potent and premium proprietary blend of coconut oil with MCT, fibersol-2 and inulin that synergistically help to boost metabolism, burn fats and prolong satiety. USUAL $59.95 EACH  BUY 2 FREE 2 Xndo Coffee is made with premium arabica coffee beans and contain a proprietary blend of green coffee bean and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) to reduce unwanted snack cravings. More flavours available. USUAL $16.95 EACH Click here for more amazing GSS offers! .gss-blog-table td > img { width: 100%; }
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  2. Mother's Day

    The best gift of health this Mother's Day! Health Supplements Get fit fast! Jumpstart your weight loss regime and witness your body transformation with Xndo health supplement.                       From $104 (Mix allowed) Soup  Whet your appetite with ready-to-eat soups made from natural            ingredients, every spoonful bursting with nutrients.               USUAL $15.95 (Mix allowed) Fruit and Flower Teas High quality black teas infused with tropical fruits and flowers to reduce                                 snack cravings.                                    USUAL $19.95 (Mix allowed) Meals Choose from more than 20 nutritious meal types. Made with low carb rice and no carb noodles in convenient, ready-to-eat packs. USUAL $9.95 (Mix allowed) Click here for more amazing offers! .msd-blog-table td > img { width: 100%; }
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  3. "I've reduced my size from XXL to M!"

    I'm a homemaker for more than 17 years. I found a full-time job in December 2016 as a retail salesperson at Orchard Road, and needed to improve my image. In order to look more presentable, I had cut and dyed my hair. However, I'm upset about my size, as I was too fat to wear the uniform.   When I came across my consultant, Nicole at Xndo Causeway Point, she introduced the Zero™ Noodles to me to help me on my weight loss journey. I realized that Zero™ Noodles is made from the same ingredient (Konjac from Japan), which is what my son and I loved. This product helped to improve my metabolism, which has troubled me ever since I was a teenager.   Since I was earning the extra income, I decided to allow myself to a trial package with Xndo. After the first week, my weight had gone down, and was lowering every week. Seeing this built up my confidence with Xndo.   Xndo meals come in a variety of flavours, and I do not have to suffer from starving to reduce weight. I also still get to enjoy my favourite coffee and tea – how wonderful!   Before Xndo, I was 74kg and needed to use a towel to wash my back when I showered as I couldn't squat. Now, I'm 56kg and can squat and reach for any part of my back easily. I feel so light and more energetic, and can walk faster than ever! I’ve also always had knee pain before I lost weight, but nowadays, I hardly feel any knee pain even though I had a long day of continuous standing.   I’ve reduced my size from XXL to M. I’ve become a new me. Thank you Xndo. ~ Winnie Koo
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