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Health Hub

  1. Cessation of NRIC usage for Xndo VIPs

    From 1 September 2019, Xndo will cease to collect full NRIC information or use NRIC numbers in our VIP membership program. Dear Xndo VIP,  CESSATION OF NRIC USAGE FOR XNDO VIP MEMBERSHIP FROM 1 SEPTEMBER 2019  From 1 September 2019, Xndo will cease to collect full NRIC information, or use NRIC numbers in our VIP membership program. This is to comply with the Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore (PDPC) advisory guidelines on NRIC numbers that takes effect on 1 September 2019.  In place of your NRIC number, our system will recognise your mobile number as your unique VIP ID. To facilitate the use of mobile number as VIP ID, please note that one mobile number may only be tagged to one VIP account.  To enable the use of your mobile number as VIP ID, we require your assistance to do a one-time verification of your mobile contact number at any of our stores by 15 September 2019.  Once your mobile number is verified in our system, you will be able to use your mobile number as your VIP ID for all future transactions at our stores, and when shopping online on We thank you for your attention in this matter. Please contact us at should you require further clarification or assistance.  Yours Sincerely, Xndo Membership Centre 
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  2. How healthy are your lifestyle choices?

    Take the test below to find out! Any of the following describes your lifestyle? If you’ve checked more than 3 of the above, you may be at risk for certain health concerns! Adopt a healthy diet Stay active with exercise Practice stress management Reduce alcohol intake Manage smoking/substance abuse Go for regular health screenings Plus, tackle your health concerns with effective formulas targeting cardiovascular, cholesterol and glucose concerns!
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