"I was able to drop three dress sizes!"

I was told that weight loss mainly requires 80% diet and only 20% exercise – yes, that’s how easy dieting could be! Yet, it seems impossible for a person like me who is an extremely picky eater and sugar addict to switch to a low carb diet or cease my sugar cravings.   When I was younger, I weighed only 44kg while standing at 154cm. However, due to my imbalanced diet, I had a weight gain of over 10kg in just 4 years’ time! There was also a huge jump in my BMI from 18 to 25 – sounds terrible!   I’ve come to a realization that it was time for me to act on my weight for my health and well-being. I tried all sorts of dieting methods such as taking detox tea and appetite suppressant, and also applied slimming creams, used fat burning device, visited a slimming centre, did workouts and even reduced my food intake. Sadly, none of these worked for me, and it was a struggle. With every failed attempt to lose weight, I began to feel more demoralized and helpless. Eventually, I just lost hope and gave up.   One day, I was introduced to Xndo by a friend who lost 4kg through the Xndo Program. Although I was doubtful, I decided to give it a shot. Moreover, having seen my friend’s successful results, I am inspired to achieve the same results!   I visited Xndo Plaza Singapura at the end of December 2016 and did my body analysis assessment. I wasn’t surprised by my body weight, but I was shocked by the results of my body fat and body age! Without further ado, I embarked on Xndo’s “My 4 Simple Steps” program.   I obtained my ideal weight after 8 months, and achieved my desired weight (from 59kg to 44kg) in another 10 months! In addition, my body fat dropped by 11%, I gained muscle mass by 5% and my metabolic rate improved by 13%! I was greatly impressed that I was able to drop three dress sizes as well! Xndo’s program doesn’t just focus on body weight alone, but also on other factors! While my progression wasn’t speedy, I was kept motivated by seeing the small improvements in my results over time.   I would like to express my gratitude to my professional adviser, Gina. With her patience and understanding on my picky eating habits, we did not expect my diet to be changed immediately, but gradually instead. She guided me with smart tips me on how to resist unnecessary cravings and adjust my diet in a comfortable manner. She provided me with meal plan suggestions and alternatives to sugary beverages to keep me on track. She also taught me on the importance of checking nutrition facts label when selecting snacks. I felt at ease whenever I needed to contact her for advice, and her encouragement pushed me through. She is a saviour to me!   Thank you Xndo for your program that helps turn the impossible into possible! It has proven to me that ‘losing weight through eating’ works! I’ve never thought that my dieting journey could ever be so enjoyable! What’s greatest through this experience is that I have gained knowledge on weight management without any significant scarification. I’ve regained my self-confidence and energy for being “myself” once again! ~ Ang Xiao Hui
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