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  2. "This transformation made me feel more confident..."

    My name is Patrick and I’m 30 years old this year. My body is the easily fat type so even though I don’t eat much my weight will still increase and the weight is always 80kg or above. I’ve tried slimming pills many years back, it did reduced my weight to 70kg but I gained back even more after I stopped. Despite of the side effects, I risked myself to consume again but it doesn’t work the magic anymore. I did workout but my weight is not reducing either hence I gave up entirely. However, in Nov 2019 I met my life saviour. She’s Jecsiy, a health advisor from Xndo Vivo City. She shared with me the functions of Xndo products and how beneficial they are to me. Initially I was sceptical to try as I have been disappointed enough with losing weight but after a few consultations with her, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, only within 2 months with Jecsiy’s professional advices and some meal plans she prepared, I shrunk from 85kg to 71kg. I replaced my breakfast and lunch with Xndo protein shake, drank coffee twice per day in between my meals as snacks and took probiotics enzyme every night before sleep. The coffee helped to keep me full and enhance metabolism rate. I am very satisfied with my result and I achieved them without skip meal or starve myself. I will continue to take them until I meet my desired target weight. This transformation made me feel more confident and changed my entire outlook in front of my friends/family/colleagues which they started to wonder how I did it. Nonetheless I am happy enough to share my little secret to them. Lastly I am very thankful to Jecsiy and Xndo products and I do believe it worked on me, it will definitely works on you too. Thank you. ~ Patrick Ting
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  3. Goodbye, pesky cravings!

    Cravings? Not anymore with Xcrave Appetite Suppressant!
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