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Health Hub

  1. Don’t let CNY goodies crush your calorie count!

    Watch out! Pineapple tart season is around the corner!
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  2. January 2021 Promotions

    Kickstart healthy eating habits with Xndo this 2021
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  3. 5 things that affect your metabolism

    Fire up your metabolism with these simple tips
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  4. Decemember 2020 Promotions

    Look and feel your best this holiday season without taking the fun out of it
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  5. Beat the bulge this holiday season

    Ward off holiday weight gain with these favourites
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  6. November 2020 Promotions

    'Tis the season for festive feasting... without the guilt!
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  7. 4 Things to Do For a Healthy Gut

    4 simple ways to a healthy life and happier gut
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  8. October 2020 Promotions

    Optimise your gut health with Xndo's Probiotics Series! 
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  9. 5 Tips For A Healthy Heart

    Keep your heart healthy with these 5 daily habits
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  10. September 2020 Promotions

    Make Xcarb™ your drink of choice!
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