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  1. "I didn’t have to exercise or skip my meals"

    I would like to share my XNDO journey to a  healthy lifestyle experience. In the year 2017, I started to gain weight – from 70kg to 75kg. I was not bothered at all as I thought that I could easily lose the 5kg by simply dieting and walking it off. To my dismay, after I exercised and went on a food diet, I ended up eating more and more, until I reached 80kg.  In 2018, I got a bit frustrated over my weight gain, so I tried to skip my meals. But, the more I skipped my meals, the more I ate a lot during my next meal, which brought me a weight gain of 3.5kg in the first quarter of 2019. One day, I was having lunch with my friend at Vivo City and when we passed by Xndo, I saw the zero calorie rice!!! I got excited because it could actually be the answer to my prayers. I walked in and met this very cheerful and enthusiastic lady, Jecsiy Goh. She allowed us to try out all the products and introduced us to Xndo. I have never heard of Xndo, until that day.  Jecsiy weighed me in and to my surprise, my visceral fat was high and my weight was BOOM! I was 85.1kg, last August 2019. To make the story short, after 3months of going on a proper diet and using Xndo products, along with the help of our mentor/consultant Jecsiy, my weight dropped from 85.1kg to 72.9kg!!! Yahooo!!! Plus, I didn’t have to exercise or skip my meals. To date, my weight is 70.9kg. It is indeed true – “Eat well and lose weight”. Thank you Xndo for the healthy and yummy products.  ~ Eleanor Santos
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  2. "3kg in 2weeks!"

    3kg in 2weeks!   One day, the Xndo in Vivo City caught our attention with its Zero Rice. How can rice have zero calories right?! Next thing we saw was the Coconut Oil Extract, in powder form!  That was when this nice lady, Jecsiy Goh approached us and started giving us a free taste of the coconut powder, which was really yummy!    She then started explaining the products and their benefits. Of course, I was really skeptical at first but she started to give us free sampling of the juice(s), coffee(s), and protein shakes, all of which all tasted great!  That is when we (my friend and I) decided to try it out and take the package.    Why was I interested? Simply because I am overweight. I stand at 167cm, with a weight of 70.8kg. That was in August 2019 before I started with Xndo.    In only 2 weeks after starting with the package, I lost a whopping 3kg!!! Plus, it was without exercise and without skipping meals. I did NOT feeling hungry at all! That was when I realised that Xndo really works!     We were so happy that we started to continue on. After 4 months, I have lost more than 10kg! Thanks to Xndo for helping me to “eat well, lose weight”.     Of course, thanks to Jecsiy for being so patient with us and has been there to guide since Day 1.    I hope that others will be inspired by my experience and how Xndo has made me happy. Not only did I lose weight, I am also eating healthier.    ~ Marcia Soriano  
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  3. "This transformation made me feel more confident..."

    My name is Patrick and I’m 30 years old this year. My body is the easily fat type so even though I don’t eat much my weight will still increase and the weight is always 80kg or above. I’ve tried slimming pills many years back, it did reduced my weight to 70kg but I gained back even more after I stopped. Despite of the side effects, I risked myself to consume again but it doesn’t work the magic anymore. I did workout but my weight is not reducing either hence I gave up entirely. However, in Nov 2019 I met my life saviour. She’s Jecsiy, a health advisor from Xndo Vivo City. She shared with me the functions of Xndo products and how beneficial they are to me. Initially I was sceptical to try as I have been disappointed enough with losing weight but after a few consultations with her, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, only within 2 months with Jecsiy’s professional advices and some meal plans she prepared, I shrunk from 85kg to 71kg. I replaced my breakfast and lunch with Xndo protein shake, drank coffee twice per day in between my meals as snacks and took probiotics enzyme every night before sleep. The coffee helped to keep me full and enhance metabolism rate. I am very satisfied with my result and I achieved them without skip meal or starve myself. I will continue to take them until I meet my desired target weight. This transformation made me feel more confident and changed my entire outlook in front of my friends/family/colleagues which they started to wonder how I did it. Nonetheless I am happy enough to share my little secret to them. Lastly I am very thankful to Jecsiy and Xndo products and I do believe it worked on me, it will definitely works on you too. Thank you. ~ Patrick Ting
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  5. "I was able to drop three dress sizes!"

    I was told that weight loss mainly requires 80% diet and only 20% exercise – yes, that’s how easy dieting could be! Yet, it seems impossible for a person like me who is an extremely picky eater and sugar addict to switch to a low carb diet or cease my sugar cravings.   When I was younger, I weighed only 44kg while standing at 154cm. However, due to my imbalanced diet, I had a weight gain of over 10kg in just 4 years’ time! There was also a huge jump in my BMI from 18 to 25 – sounds terrible!   I’ve come to a realization that it was time for me to act on my weight for my health and well-being. I tried all sorts of dieting methods such as taking detox tea and appetite suppressant, and also applied slimming creams, used fat burning device, visited a slimming centre, did workouts and even reduced my food intake. Sadly, none of these worked for me, and it was a struggle. With every failed attempt to lose weight, I began to feel more demoralized and helpless. Eventually, I just lost hope and gave up.   One day, I was introduced to Xndo by a friend who lost 4kg through the Xndo Program. Although I was doubtful, I decided to give it a shot. Moreover, having seen my friend’s successful results, I am inspired to achieve the same results!   I visited Xndo Plaza Singapura at the end of December 2016 and did my body analysis assessment. I wasn’t surprised by my body weight, but I was shocked by the results of my body fat and body age! Without further ado, I embarked on Xndo’s “My 4 Simple Steps” program.   I obtained my ideal weight after 8 months, and achieved my desired weight (from 59kg to 44kg) in another 10 months! In addition, my body fat dropped by 11%, I gained muscle mass by 5% and my metabolic rate improved by 13%! I was greatly impressed that I was able to drop three dress sizes as well! Xndo’s program doesn’t just focus on body weight alone, but also on other factors! While my progression wasn’t speedy, I was kept motivated by seeing the small improvements in my results over time.   I would like to express my gratitude to my professional adviser, Gina. With her patience and understanding on my picky eating habits, we did not expect my diet to be changed immediately, but gradually instead. She guided me with smart tips me on how to resist unnecessary cravings and adjust my diet in a comfortable manner. She provided me with meal plan suggestions and alternatives to sugary beverages to keep me on track. She also taught me on the importance of checking nutrition facts label when selecting snacks. I felt at ease whenever I needed to contact her for advice, and her encouragement pushed me through. She is a saviour to me!   Thank you Xndo for your program that helps turn the impossible into possible! It has proven to me that ‘losing weight through eating’ works! I’ve never thought that my dieting journey could ever be so enjoyable! What’s greatest through this experience is that I have gained knowledge on weight management without any significant scarification. I’ve regained my self-confidence and energy for being “myself” once again! ~ Ang Xiao Hui
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  6. "I've reduced my size from XXL to M!"

    I'm a homemaker for more than 17 years. I found a full-time job in December 2016 as a retail salesperson at Orchard Road, and needed to improve my image. In order to look more presentable, I had cut and dyed my hair. However, I'm upset about my size, as I was too fat to wear the uniform.   When I came across my consultant, Nicole at Xndo Causeway Point, she introduced the Zero™ Noodles to me to help me on my weight loss journey. I realized that Zero™ Noodles is made from the same ingredient (Konjac from Japan), which is what my son and I loved. This product helped to improve my metabolism, which has troubled me ever since I was a teenager.   Since I was earning the extra income, I decided to allow myself to a trial package with Xndo. After the first week, my weight had gone down, and was lowering every week. Seeing this built up my confidence with Xndo.   Xndo meals come in a variety of flavours, and I do not have to suffer from starving to reduce weight. I also still get to enjoy my favourite coffee and tea – how wonderful!   Before Xndo, I was 74kg and needed to use a towel to wash my back when I showered as I couldn't squat. Now, I'm 56kg and can squat and reach for any part of my back easily. I feel so light and more energetic, and can walk faster than ever! I’ve also always had knee pain before I lost weight, but nowadays, I hardly feel any knee pain even though I had a long day of continuous standing.   I’ve reduced my size from XXL to M. I’ve become a new me. Thank you Xndo. ~ Winnie Koo
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  7. "I lost 17kg in eight months without starving!"

    Before starting the program, I was 72kg. I have tried many methods of dieting, such as starvation or just intake of fruits or vegetables, but due to my passion in eating, I always gave up my dieting plan in just 2 weeks. Due to uncontrolled food intake and lack of exercising, my weight kept increasing since 2015.   Around May 2018, my mum introduced me to Xndo. Since then, eating is no longer a problem for me as Xndo taught me the right way of eating. I started the Xndo Lifestyle Package for 8 months, where I replaced one of my meals with Xndo’s ready-to-eat meal; replaced another meal with a protein MCT shake; and for the meal where I am taking outside food, I took the carb blocker, fat burner drink and Metaburn.   I have never expected the whole process to be so easy with the convenient meal replacements and drinks. Xndo products help me to adapt to the whole dieting process well by satisfying my hunger and curbing my cravings for snacks. There was no need for me to starve throughout the entire 8 months I was on Xndo’s Lifestyle Package.   From 72kg, I managed to lose a total weight of 17kg in a span of 8 months’ time, which was a total surprise to me.   My adviser, Irene from Xndo Waterway Point, prepared a personalized meal plan for me, and taught me the right way to eat and enjoy my food, without feeling hungry. She will make weekly appointments with me so as to measure my body composition and review my meal plan accordingly. Currently, I am still taking Xndo supplements and Probiotics for maintenance. I will definitely continue my effort in maintaining my weight. Really appreciate Xndo for making my wish of losing weight come true! Thank you! ~ Grace Phua
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    For years I tried to lose weight but kept gaining it slowly, especially around my stomach. Nothing seemed to help. I tried to diet and not eat as much, but I would always get hungry and end up filing up again on rice. My weight slowly went up to an all time high of 81 kg. I felt heavy and unhealthy. I went on the program and to my surprise I saw a huge result after six months. I lost 10kg and my weight went down to 71kg, all without ever feeling hungry or like I was on a diet. Never before had my weight gone below 74kg! The best thing was that my visceral fat went down from 17 to 11. Now my stomach looks flatter, and I feel lighter and healthier than I ever have before. Thanks to Xndo I’m now very close to my ideal weight, and I’m going to keep going until I get there! ~ Adriel Chew Sung Sei
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    With her shift work as a nurse and busy schedule, Kelly did not even realise she was putting on weight until she looked at an old photo of herself. “I didn’t realise that I had put on quite so much!” The realisation struck home even more when she wandered into an Xndo store one day and did a body composition assessment. “My weight was 54kg, higher than my ideal weight of 51.6kg and much more than my last remembered weight of 48kg!” she recalled. Most significantly, though she did not look it, her visceral fat level was 28.5% instead of being lower than 25%. She started her journey towards better health with Xndo’s 4 Simple Steps programme. “I saw results very quickly and in two weeks, I could see results. In particular, my arms became slimmer and more toned.” Despite her odd working hours, Kelly found the programme easy to follow – and was grateful for the support from her consultant, Lili, who advised her on the best ways to adapt the programme to her individual needs. Over a period of just nine months, Kelly lost 4kg, reduced harmful internal body fat, gained healthy muscle and dropped two dress sizes. The programme, she said, is easy to follow and convenient. "I simply replace one regular meal with a protein shake or a noodle or rice meal. They are all prepacked, so it’s very easy.” She especially enjoys the grape flavoured Xndo blocker drink. “I don’t like taking tablets, so I prefer taking my blockers in drink form. I love the fruity flavour and it’s a much healthier and sugar-free replacement to other sodas and drinks.” The most important thing she feels she has gained from this experience is the knowledge of how to manage her weight and diet well without significant sacrifice. “It is a healthy way to gain a more ideal body composition and I am motived to continuing my journey towards health." ~ Kelly Teo
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    'Just eat and lose weight'. In her initial introduction to Xndo, Bee Hwee was sceptical of the claim. A salesperson herself, she sussed out several Xndo stores to assess the credibility of the shop advisors before committing herself to the programme. And when she did, her confidence in the 4 Simple Step programme grew day by day as she shed the weight. "I love to eat. And being in sales, irregular meals and frequent lunch and dinner appointments meant my weight soon shot up to almost 80kg!” she shared. She started on a four week programme, replacing her breakfast and dinner with protein shakes. Eating blockers when she had her regular lunch and drinking the coffee for her mid-afternoon break. “I was ‘hungry’ in the first week because my body was so used to eating large amounts of food and getting used to the programme. But after I got used to it, I felt great. I didn’t feel like I was dieting and I didn’t feel I was being restricted.” Plus, she said, Jecsiy, her advisor was her personal ‘cheerleader’ who kept her dedicated to the programme. “It just works. All you need to do is follow the programme,” she said. “It is an investment in my health that I am glad I took. A year on, she has lost almost 12kg. Her results have been so dramatic and sustained that she has convinced her friends and family to start the programme too. For Bee Hwee, it is more than just about losing weight, but part of embracing  better health. “More importantly, Xndo’s enzyme tonics have improved the digestive health of my husband and I,” she said. He used to suffer heartburn and Bee Hwee was plagued by bad gastritis attacks. "After taking Xndo enzymes every morning for just three months, I saw an improvement in my condition. I have since stopped taking my gastric medication!" ~ Yeo Bee Hwee
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