I would like to share my XNDO journey to a  healthy lifestyle experience.

In the year 2017, I started to gain weight – from 70kg to 75kg. I was not bothered at all as I thought that I could easily lose the 5kg by simply dieting and walking it off. To my dismay, after I exercised and went on a food diet, I ended up eating more and more, until I reached 80kg. 

In 2018, I got a bit frustrated over my weight gain, so I tried to skip my meals. But, the more I skipped my meals, the more I ate a lot during my next meal, which brought me a weight gain of 3.5kg in the first quarter of 2019.

One day, I was having lunch with my friend at Vivo City and when we passed by Xndo, I saw the zero calorie rice!!! I got excited because it could actually be the answer to my prayers.

I walked in and met this very cheerful and enthusiastic lady, Jecsiy Goh. She allowed us to try out all the products and introduced us to Xndo. I have never heard of Xndo, until that day. 

Jecsiy weighed me in and to my surprise, my visceral fat was high and my weight was BOOM! I was 85.1kg, last August 2019.

To make the story short, after 3months of going on a proper diet and using Xndo products, along with the help of our mentor/consultant Jecsiy, my weight dropped from 85.1kg to 72.9kg!!!

Yahooo!!! Plus, I didn’t have to exercise or skip my meals. To date, my weight is 70.9kg. It is indeed true – “Eat well and lose weight”.

Thank you Xndo for the healthy and yummy products. 

~ Eleanor Santos