3kg in 2weeks!


One day, the Xndo in Vivo City caught our attention with its Zero Rice. How can rice have zero calories right?! Next thing we saw was the Coconut Oil Extract, in powder form! 

That was when this nice lady, Jecsiy Goh approached us and started giving us a free taste of the coconut powder, which was really yummy! 


She then started explaining the products and their benefits. Of course, I was really skeptical at first but she started to give us free sampling of the juice(s), coffee(s), and protein shakes, all of which all tasted great!  That is when we (my friend and I) decided to try it out and take the package. 


Why was I interested? Simply because I am overweight. I stand at 167cm, with a weight of 70.8kg. That was in August 2019 before I started with Xndo. 


In only 2 weeks after starting with the package, I lost a whopping 3kg!!! Plus, it was without exercise and without skipping meals. I did NOT feeling hungry at all! That was when I realised that Xndo really works!  


We were so happy that we started to continue on. After 4 months, I have lost more than 10kg! Thanks to Xndo for helping me to “eat well, lose weight”.  


Of course, thanks to Jecsiy for being so patient with us and has been there to guide since Day 1. 


I hope that others will be inspired by my experience and how Xndo has made me happy. Not only did I lose weight, I am also eating healthier. 


~ Marcia Soriano