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Food For Diabetics

Low Carb Food for Diabetics in Singapore

Diabetes is a health condition which involves abnormally high levels of sugar in blood. Without proper treatment, diabetes could lead to retinopathy (eye damage), neuropathy (nerve damage) and Alzheimer’s Disease.   

Diabetes in Singapore 

In 2017, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted in his national day rally, that 1 in 9 Singaporeans suffer from diabetes. According to Channel News Asia, PM Lee mentioned that diabetes has emerged as one of the most challenging but ‘invisible’ diseases amongst Singaporeans.  

During the rally, PM Lee also emphasised on the importance of regular exercise and healthy eating to cope with and manage the growing number of diabetics and at-risk patients in Singapore.

The growing number of diabetic patients in Singapore is worrying, thus early action needs to be taken to address the issue.

Xndo’s Meals and Food for Diabetics in Singapore 

Xndo is dedicated and passionate about educating Singaporeans about the utmost importance of healthy eating and living. Xndo offers diabetic-friendly meals and beverages that are ready-to-consume and so easy to prepare.

After years of research and development since its founding in 2003, Xndo has developed its own line of ready-to-eat meals and food for diabetics in Singapore. Xndo meals are low in glycemic index (GI) and contain good fats. Excellent in flavour, low in carb and high in fibre, Xndo meals promote slow digestion and boost metabolism to curb impulsive snacking and prevent weight gain. 

Besides being extremely healthy, Xndo’s diabetic-friendly foods are also tasty and delicious. You can enjoy and benefit from a low GI meal while also tasting the full flavours of some of your favourite meals in Singapore, such as chicken rice and Thai seafood curry. Enjoy the best of both worlds while you manage your health when you choose Xndo’s ready-to-eat meals.

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Eat towards a healthier lifestyle and a better body to beat diabetes with Xndo now! Browse the collection suitable for diabetic patients in Singapore now.

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