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Health Supplement Bundle

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Get fit fast! Jumpstart your weight loss regime and witness your body transformation with Xndo health supplement.  

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Health Supplement Bundle
Health Supplement Bundle

In stock



    1. Tummy

    Xndo Tummy™ cleanses and detoxifies the colon to promote a healthy gastrointestinal system. Active ingredients draw water into the colon, helping to soften and break down the build-up of toxins, waste and excess gas in the colon. Ideal for people with irregular bowel movement, low energy levels, bloated and abdominal bloating.

    2. Block & Burn

    Xndo Block & Burn™ is a comprehensive way to block unwanted calories and burn the excess. White kidney bean blocks alpha-amylase, the enzyme involved in the digestion of carbohydrates. This means carbohydrates are not digested and stored as fat, and instead are passed out of the body. At the same time. garcinia cambogia and bitter orange work together to supress the appetite and raise metabolism.

    3. Metaburn

    Xndo Metaburn™ 60 Capsules - is scientifically designed to be a complete weight loss formula. A potent combination of chili, guava and green tea extracts work together to boost metabolism, burn fat and reduce water retention, while also prolonging fullness. In addition, the formulation boosts digestive health by stimulating mucus production in the stomach to strengthen the lining.

    4. Platinum 2

    Xndo Platinum2™ 60 Tablets - works synergistically to provide maximum dual blocking actions. It limits sugar and carbohydrate absorption in the body. Studies have shown that the active ingredients in Xndo Platinum2™ are more effective in reducing body weight than dieting alone. The potent combination of white kidney bean extract, garcinia cambogia and chlorogenic acid can reduce sugar absorption by 50%.

    5. Pro Tummy

    Xndo Pro Tummy™ 60 Capsules - is a high potency formulation designed to restore friendly bacteria and regulate bowel movements. The formulation of active ingredients – including prebiotics and probiotics – combat bloating, water retention and indigestion. With 8 strains of concentrated friendly bacteria, Pro Tummy™ helps to protect the stomach lining, build a strong digestive system, and support a strong immune system.


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