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High Fibre Foods

High Fibre Food and Meals in Singapore

Fibre is the pillar of a healthy diet and robust gut health. Furthermore, it could actually help increase your metabolism rate, lose belly fat as well as help you tone up and slim down.

Read on to find out more about healthy eating and how you can include more high fibre meals in your diet.


What is Fibre? Why is it good for you?

Fibre is a non-digestible (or complex) carbohydrate. Foods that are rich in fibre keep you full for longer periods of time compared to simple carbohydrates like white rice and white potatoes. They also give you energy throughout the day and improve your digestion. Fibre is great for your body because it curbs impulsive snacking and unhealthy binges. In the long run, subscribing to a fibre-rich diet plan could improve your gut health, control your blood sugar and help you shed weight.


Xndo’s High Fibre Foods and Meals

Xndo offers a variety of high fibre ready-to-eat meals.

Xndo has always prided itself on helping people who are struggling with weight loss and educating people about healthy living and eating. Since its establishment in 2003, Xndo’s team of scientists and dieticians in Singapore have embarked on an extensive journey of continuous innovation and experimentation to develop high fibre meals that can help you lean out and shed weight, whilst tasting delicious and mouth-watering at the same time!   

When you choose Xndo’s meals and products, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Xndo’s high fibre foods are  low in calories and are healthy for your gut and overall health. Choose to fill your tummy with Xndo high-fibre and ready-to-eat meals, and excite your taste bud with the authentic and tasty flavours. After all, Xndo is all about striving towards providing meals that are both healthy and delicious.

Browse Xndo’s collection of meals, beverages and products, and discover a healthy way of living and eating with Xndo today. 

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