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Skin Perfect Bundle

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Skin Perfect Bundle

- 2 Skiin Rejuvenate

- 3 Skiin Age

- 3 Skiin Collagen

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Skiin Rejuvenate
Skiin Age
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Skiin Collagen
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Skin Perfect Bundle
Skin Perfect Bundle

In stock



    1. Skiin Rejuvenate Capsule 60

    Xndo SKiiN Rejuvenate™ combines grape seed extract, lycopene, camu-camu fruit extract and coenzyme q10 together to rejuvenate skin from within.  Potent active ingredients work synergistically to not only restore elasticity but act as a natural internal sunscreen to protect skin, restore it and keep it supple and firm. Importantly, Skiin Rejuvenate™ activates your skin’s own power of healing to stimulate collagen growth and skin repair.

    2. Skiin Age 10 Sach

    Xndo SKiiN AGE™ combats the effects of a high-sugar diet, environmental pollution and lifestyle stress factors. Oxidation due to poor diet, lack of sleep and stress can result in the formation of AGEs – leading to mottling, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. SKiiN AGE™ combines extracts of sakura, emblica C complex, glutathione and camu-camu fruit to confer powerful protection against AGEs to whiten skin and brighten it from within.

    3. Skiin Collagen 10 Sach

    Xndo SKiiN Collagen™ is a powerful way to fight skin ageing. It contains high quality marine collagen and cartilage, N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG) and colostrum to boost collagen stores in the skin and maintain its moisture. This work synergistically to return suppleness to the skin, fight wrinkles and improve elasticity.

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