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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for Weight Loss 

Coconut oil has been a popular ingredient in many countries. In Indonesia and the Philippines, it is a staple cooking essential. Indians, on the other hand, are known to use the oil for its hair and skincare benefits.  Coconut oil has entered the healthcare realm, offering, among other things, numerous uses for weight loss. Read on to understand more about this wonderful superfood!

Uses of coconut oil for a weight loss strategy 

Research has shown that the saturated fats found in coconut oil are significant for weight loss. Eating coconut oil regularly can increase metabolism which helps the body to burn more calories, and thus leads to the gradual shedding of body fat, a crucial factor for weight loss. It is also rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which helps to promote gut health by encouraging the growth of good bacteria and strong gut lining. 

Consumption of coconut oil 

Coconut oil can be taken directly or incorporated into your meals and beverages. Taking the appropriate amount of coconut oil supports weight loss and body fat reduction. Hence, if you are eating coconut oil for your weight loss strategy, regular consumption of the amount indicated on the product is imperative. 

Xndo coconut oil

Lugging around a bottle of coconut oil may be a hassle. For instance, it may lead to unwanted spillages in your bag, which can be difficult to clean. Also, it may not necessarily be easy to consume taste wise. So fret not and try Xndo’s Coconut Oil Extract Powder. Packed in sachets with consumption-appropriate portions, the coconut oil powder by Xndo makes for a convenient and yummy alternative! 

Coconut oil is an increasingly popular superfood for weight loss today. Browse our products above and make your purchase! You may also read our nutritional recipes and tips for more ideas on healthy living!

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